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This is the official policy page for Hypoverse. It will cover everything from deleting to blocking to appealing a block.

Deletion Policy

  • Pages may be deleted if they are either, off-topic, or advertisement.
  • You may request for undeletion of a page to a local administrator, cvu, or staff's talk page.

Blocking Policy

  • Advertising other websites on content pages will get you blocked indefinitely, however you are allowed to advertise them on your user page.
  • Vandalism will get you blocked for 3 days to start off with. Further offenses will result in longer and longer blocks until we feel you need to be blocked indefinitely.
  • Posting any obscene content will get you blocked indefinitely and maybe even globally blocked.

Block Appeal Policy

  • To appeal a block you can try to contact the user who blocked you on another wiki.
  • To appeal a global block you would need to contact support@hypoverse.com to speak to a staff member to try to understand why you were globally blocked.